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Billy Gene Is Marketing Review | Is It Really Worth Your Time?

Billy gene Is MArketing

While you're searching "how to make money online" or watching YouTube videos to make money online. Billy Gene's ads pop up and you are hooked into it.

Maybe you felt it was an interesting way to make money online. You are set to subscribe to his paid training. But at the edge of your subconscious mind, you need to check the reviews of the course. That's why you Googled “Billy Gene is marketing review” this article comes up.

Am I right?

You did a good thing, In this article, you’ll find out whether Billy gene is marketing right for you? Do Billy’s tactics work to make money online?

Alright, let's dive in.

Brief Overview

About: Billy Gene Is Marketing (BGIM) helps business owners and entrepreneurs. To get customers from social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Founder: Billy Gene and his team

Price: $97 - $7000+ for various courses or $197 monthly membership.


  • Top class coaching
  • Knowledge with entertainment
  • Unique tutorials and workbooks


  • Costly upsells
  • Difficult to cancel your membership
  • Hidden monthly expenses
  • Lacks depth in the content
  • No guarantee results

Rating: 3.5/5

My recommendation: If you are focusing on social media. Getting customers for small businesses by running ads on social media.  Billy Gene Is Marketing courses for you.

If you want to send traffic for your Affiliate product or eCommerce store. There are better pieces of training out there on the Internet.

If your beginners don’t have money to invest in Paid advertising. I recommend you start Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a method of promoting other products to get a commission.

Who Is Billy Gene?

Billy Gene Is an Internet Marketer. He started a digital agency to help Entrepreneurs, Business owners to get customers using social media.

The Internet is a crowded market. Although he stands out the way he teaches is unique. He is not afraid to be himself. Many marketing legends like Russell Brunson praised his style of teaching to entrepreneurs.

He saw success after many failures in his life. Finally figured out how to make money online.

Billy Gene’s Net Worth:

You might saw YouTube Ads on Ferrari, Lamborghini, and his luxury life. Yes, his net worth is approximately 9 million dollars.

He earns most of the money from his Facebook Ad agency and his online courses.

What do you get from Billy Gene Is Marketing?

Billy created a lot of courses and produced a lot of them. It is tough for me to review each one of them. He covers a lot of niches in his training.

He had an In-depth training to get customers from media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. There is a lot of value you can get from his courses. But it is possible to get some knowledge for free. But, the way he teaches is mattered the most. He had a unique way of teaching, people liked it.

Here's what you learn in his bundle?

1. Click Into Customers 2.0 & 1.0 ($1497 & $997)

  • Is my customer even on social media?
  • What to sell on social media?

2.   Youtube Advertising Secrets ($997)

  • How we create YouTube Ads that make over $142,136 recurring revenue?
  • What to say in the first 5 seconds of the video?
  • How to film a video with a cellphone

3.  Sell like a Genius ($997)

  • How to sell high ticket products?
  • The fastest way to 100x your sales
  • How to deal with clients?

4.  How to sell anything with webinars? ($697)

  • Steps to create a webinar
  • What to say on the webinar?
  • How to make sure they show up?
  • How to get them to buy on the spot?

5.  Billy Gene’s Is Marketing Experiments

  • The exact ads and emails 
  • The single page websites we use to make sales after someone clicks the ad
billy gene courses

These are all previous prices, you can get this bundle access for just $31. This is a steal, right? I don't know if there are any upsells.

But realistically you need to pay for a domain, hosting, and advertising. It costs you more than $500 to start your own online business.

Billy also had a 30-day plan to start your online business. It actually costs $129.He’ll show you how to get paid to help a business get customers online.

Yes, you’ll get all these just for $31. Is it really worth your time? Maybe, maybe not.

These courses are not for everyone. For those people who want to help small businesses, actually willing to deal with clients, this is perfect for you.

Billy Gene is a fun personality, he uses many bad words. If you get offended easily, please don’t watch this content.

Is Billy Gene Is Marketing a Scam?

I personally didn’t purchase this course, but I know how to spot online scams. I have been in this crowded market for 2 years. I found some online reviews on Billy Gene Is Marketing courses.


There are some mixed reviews. I saw many of them are positive. People said you get information online for free. This is means there are no in-depth tutorials in his training.

billy gene review

These are some negative reviews I found online

  • Lacks in-depth content
  • Using Bad words
  • Hard to cancel & Refunds



If you really want to make money online as a beginner, these are 2 business models I recommend.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Dropshipping

The advantage of these business models is, you don’t have to create a product, deal with clients, and no sleazy phone calls.

This training helped me to generate $8,274 per month. Watch free training!


Alright, you got the brief review on Billy gene is marketing.

What do you think?

Are you still interested in this program? Maybe you’re confused. Personally, I don’t recommend it.

You’ll get a lot of information free online. Although there are some great online courses that have organized and in-depth content. Research a little bit.

For me, Affiliate marketing or Drop shipping is the best business to start as a beginner. These are the best courses I found online.

Hope you achieve financial freedom.

Comment below if you had any questions and subscribe to the newsletter to get tips and tricks to grow your online business.

Happy Hustling.