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BossLess Forever Program Review | Is It Legit?

Bossless forever program

Hey folks, welcome to my another review of the online program called Bossless forever.

There are plenty of ways to make money online. I'm sure helping local businesses is one of those.

Bossless Forever program teaches you "how to generate leads to local businesses" like a digital agency. 

In this article, I wrote an in-depth review of this program. Make sure to read Bossless Forever Review till the end before consider to purchase it.

Alright, let's dive in.

Bossless forever short review

Bossless Forever is a coaching program that will teach you to sell leads to local business owners. It will help you to set up your digital agency.

About: Aimee Ball created this program. An Internet marketer.


  • Trustworthy program
  • High-income potential
  • Quality training


  • Price is too high
  • Dealing with clients
  • Not a passive income method
  • Lack of customer reviews

Bossless Forever costs you $4000. You can pay $299 monthly.

With years of experience, Aimee Ball knows what she's talking about. This is a genuine program.

My only concern is you don't need to pay crazy amounts of money to start an online business. And It is not a passive income method. If you stop working for some time, the money won't flow to your bank account.

Suppose you're into starting an Agency and can deal with clients. This program is for you. If you want to build an online business which generates passive income (make money while you sleep) and can't deal with clients. This is my top recommendation program.

How does the Boss less Forever program work?

As I said, you need to collect leads to small business owners. You'll get paid per lead or the monthly fee. 

Aimee Ball will show how to collect leads, how to send a kickass presentation to the client. As she mentioned in her webinar, this is not a get rich quick scheme, and this is not an MLM program, you don't need technical skills, and you don't want to be a sleazy salesperson.

Module 1: Niche Selection

The first module of the training is Niche selection. Aimee ball will help you to select a profitable local business niche.

For example, Swimming pool cleaners. You need to find the local business owners of the same niche. Promote their business to get leads.

Module 2: Proper Due diligence

In this selection, you'll find the persona of your customer. What are the demographics of the customer? And What keywords are they searching? Etc.

Module 3: Traffic & Lead Generation

In this module, she'll teach you to build a website and drive traffic to it. She'll use Weebly to build a simple website to collect leads.

Traffic sources she mentioned are SEO, Social Media, Review sites, Online directories and creating original content and building backlinks.

Module 4: Prospect for clients

You'll learn how to contact your potential client. Aimee mentioned that she sends results in advance to the clients, and she uses the system called phone whisper system.

It means no cold calling or selling. This is the proven strategy to build trust by giving great value to your client.

Module 5: Monetizing Business Owners

At last, you got the clients, how to make them pay you every month (recurring charges) and How you'll get paid? You'll get answers for these questions in this module.

Can you actually make money with this program?

Of Course, you can. Small business owners are spending billions on getting customers. Most business owners getting to know online presence is important. But, they are clueless about online marketing. This is where you can make money.

If you show them results, they can be your lifetime customers. You'll learn some high demanding skills like lead generation and SEO etc. Small to medium business owners will benefit from your services.

There are 1000's of google searches happening every day. I'm sure there is lots of money to be made by creating this type of business. 

Although you need to put a lot of effort upfront to get traffic to your website and build relationships with your clients, this business model is not for everyone. 

Watch Aimee's free webinar; you'll get an idea of how this business model works.

Is the Bossless Forever program a scam?

I'm sure it's not a scam. Bossless forever is a genuine program which will help you to quit your 9 to 5 job

Amiee ball is very honest in the webinar. She mentioned if you're not a hard worker, please don't apply for this program.

Amiee had a lot of experience by running a digital marketing agency. She is passionate about helping people to achieve financial freedom. Also, she focuses on getting results.

She provided a free webinar. It is not a normal webinar to get sales that offer you a lot of value by explaining every step of this business. No sleazy tactics, just practical knowledge, it can work.

This is a solid business model for people who like to deal with clients.

Best Alternative of Bossless Forever

If you're into helping local businesses and building relationships with them, Then the Bossless Forever program is perfect for you.

Do you want to make passive money online from anywhere in the world (laptop lifestyle)? Affiliate Marketing is the best business to start as a beginner. Here's my top recommended program.

This program helped me to generate $8,274 per month. Watch free training!


As I said, there are thousands of ways to make money online. What type of online business you have to start is important. 

Pick the best online business to start. Stick to it.

You need to put a lot of effort and learn different types of skills (or hire anyone) when you're starting an online business. But it is easier than working a 9 - 5 job until you're 60.

You know what I mean. 

Alright, I guess time to say bye.

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Happy hustling.