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Dotcom Secrets PDF | Get Your Free Copy Now!

doctom secrets pdf

Are you starting an online business or taking your brick and mortar business online? 

It's tough if you have no knowledge about the Internet and How to start your business online. You'll gonna waste a lot of time & money.

It's easy to learn from someone who created his online business and got success from it.

Dotcom secrets is 5 years of experience from Russell Brunson. He shared some crazy funnel strategies that worked him so well.

Russell Brunson recently released the second edition of dotcom secrets

Ok ok, wait your question is can you get it for free? Yes, you can. He offered a free dotcom secrets book you can order here. But you have to pay for shipping.

In this article, you will learn the complete review of Dotcom Secrets.

What is DotCom Secrets? Who is this for?

Dotcom Secrets is the underground playbook for growing your company onlinebook written by Russell Brunson. It helps you to grow your company online with sales funnels. 

Huh! What are the sales funnels? 

Sales funnels are the phases of the journey of your customers (from driving traffic to your website to making them lifetime customers).

Russell Brunson revealed 28 unknown secrets that you learn in this book. You can exponentially grow your business and take it to the highest level by leveraging these funnels.

If you want to learn about sales funnels and learn what happens behind the scenes of successful online businesses. Dot com Secrets is for you.

Get Your Free Dotcom Secrets Book 

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To Grow Any Company Online With Sales Funnels...

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is a successful online entrepreneur. He is the CEO of the fastest-growing software company called ClickFunnels.

He helped millions of entrepreneurs and sold thousands of his books and became New york's best-selling author.

Russell is an expert salesman and internet marketer. He built a $300 million company from scratch. This guy is a real deal and knows his stuff.

Clickfunnels used over 100,000 people all over the world with his badass marketing skills. For me, he is a go-to person to learn internet marketing skills.

What is ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels is a software created by Russell Brunson in 2014. It helps you to build online sales funnels within minutes. You can sell your products and services without hiring a developer to build your website.

Russell teaches you the process of selling online by leveraging sales funnels.

What's Inside Dotcom Secrets?

In this 254 pages book, there are five sections you will get the sneak peek here but you can get a free copy from this link.

Section 1: Ladders and Funnels

In this section, you will learn the five secrets. Which are: 

  1. The secret formula 
  2. Value ladder 
  3. From a ladder to a funnel
  4. How to find your dream customers
  5. Three types of traffic

Russell starts with introducing sales funnels to find your dream customers to get traffic to your funnels.

These are the proven strategies he has been leveraging for years now!

Section 2: Your Communication Funnel

In this section, you will learn how to communicate with your audience and how to appeal to them to purchase your product/service.

the 3 secrets to your communication funnel are:

  1. The attractive character
  2. The Soap Opera sequence
  3. Daily Seinfeld sequence

Section 3: Funnelology

Russell teaches you the fundamentals of creating successful funnels.

How to reverse engineer a successful panel from your competitors. You will learn how to create successful funnels from the scratch and how to bait a visit to capture leads.

The Five Secrets of the Funnelology are:

  1. Reverse engineering a successful funnel
  2. Seven phases of a funnel
  3. The 23 building blocks of a funnel
  4. Frontend vs backend funnel
  5. The best bait

Section 4: Funnels and Scripts

This is actually the core section of the book. What you learn is the different types of funnels, where to use them, and how to fill content in your funnels.

Funnels are classified into three parts they are:

1. Frontend funnels

  1. Two-step, free plus shipping funnel
  2. A self-liquidating offer funnel
  3. Continuity funnel

2. Funnels for the middle of the value leader

  1.  The perfect webinar funnel
  2. Invisible funnel Webinar
  3. Product launch funnel

3. Backend Funnel

  1. High ticket, 3 step application

Section 5: ClickFunnels

At last, he introduces his software ClickFunnels and how to use them. What are the benefits of these ClickFunnels?

Present there are over 120,000 using this software. Why? It actually helps them to grow their business online.

Dotcom Secrets Reviews

Dotcom secrets reviews

These are the reviews on the internet. People are crazy about this book. They get so much value. If you are starting an online business in this modern world. This is book is a must for you.


Many marketing experts like Dan Kennedy said this book is a gold mine for online marketing.


  • This book is free on
  • Proven strategies used by Russell Brunson
  • Secrets are unknown for most Internet marketers
  • Step by step instructions which are easy to follow.
  • You'll also learn about mindset, copywriting, and communication.


  • Russell Brunson promotes ClickFunnels in this book (which is necessary)
  • May not work for every online business

Dotcom Secrets Price | Is it really free?

Yeah! You bet it is!

Russell Brunson's main intention is to sell his software ClickFunnels which is really cool software. I’m using it right now. That's why he wrote this book to help people to succeed online.

Although Dotcom Secrets is completely free! You have to pay for shipping $9.95, if you're outside of the USA $19.95 is the shipping fee.

My honest opinion, Dotcom Secrets worth every penny from your pocket. Even these strategies don't work for your business. You'll get a lot of value from it.

I refer to this book whenever I need to create a sales funnel for any product or service. Russell released the 2nd edition of this book recently. Few more Secrets added by him.


As I said, if you're starting or running an online business, reading Dotcom Secrets will help so much also called ClickFunnels book. There is so much you can learn to implement in your business.

Reading and learning are easy. Implementing what you learned is hard. In this case, implementing these strategies is a must. It will take time. Guess what? You can make six figures by leveraging the strategies inside the book.

Go ahead, order this fantastic book now

Happy Hustling!