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How To Make $10,000 a Month From Affiliate Marketing | It’s Easier Than You Think

Yeah, it is possible to earn $10,000 a month from Affiliate Marketing. People earning millions from this billion-dollar market.

The good news is you also take a slice of this amazing online business. The craziest part is passive income. You need to an effort for a few months the money starts rolling every month, every day.

I did a lot of mistakes at starting, that's why it takes approximately 3 years to make money online. I chase every business which is trending.

In this article, I'll share my experiences in the Affiliate Marketing journey. So you achieve financial freedom as soon as possible.

What is Affiliate Marketing? How To Do It?

How to do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online business, you can make money by promoting other products. They will pay a commission for every conversation.

I get that some of you don't understand. Read these steps:

Step 1: You signup for an Affiliate program and got your unique affiliate link.

Step 2:  You promoted your affiliate link on your blog or social channel.

Step 3: Send people to your website to consume content they click on your affiliate link and made a sale.

Step:4: You'll get a notification (Payment Received).

I hope you understand now! It is not a complicated process. You can earn a lot of commissions. But you need to put some effort while starting your Affiliate Marketing journey.

I'll share the steps to create your Affiliate Marketing business.

1. Pick Your Niche

There are many marketers competing for every niche. That's why you need to take time on choosing your niche.

 he goals are to choose low competition and high search volume and an evergreen niche.

5 Simple Steps To Find A Profitable Niche For Affiliate Marketing

If you choose a hard niche you need to invest a lot of money to be profitable.

Factors to consider while choosing a profitable niche:

  • Low competition
  • High search volume
  • Products/Services to promote
  • Passionate to create content

2. Build a platform to create content

At this point you've chosen your niche now it's time to build a platform. It is the interesting part.

If your little money to invest at least $150, I recommend you to build a website of your own. If you want to start free there are many platforms you choose from. The best one is YouTube.

Because it is the second-largest search engine in the world. Ironically it is also owned by Google.

From my experience, Building your own website with YouTube is the fastest way to grow your online business.

3. Keywords Research

 In this step, you need to pick keywords and topics to write. You need to use keyword research tools like Ahrefs. But it's too expensive especially if you're starting.

When I was starting my online business I can’t afford these expensive tools. I used a free tool called Google Keyword Planner. Ubbersuggest has a freemium as well.

Go to any of those keyword research tools. Type your main keyword, it will suggest similar keywords. Filter the keywords which have low difficulty (less than 30).

The other way is to type your competitor’s website on Ubersuggest or Ahrefs. Find what are the top pages of your competitors. Check what keywords they are ranking for, write better content than them.

4. Find Affiliate Programs

Nowadays almost every company has an affiliate program. But you can't trust every company every one of them.

There are some trusted platforms you must join.

  • Clickbank
  • Share sale
  • Amazon Associates
  • Market health
  • Jvzoo

It is very simple to get your affiliate link once you approved.

Find your niche products, get your affiliate link, and promote them.

5. Socialize

Alright, you got your Affiliate link. Now you have to promote it. You need traffic to your website to promote. If you have money to spend you can create Ads. What if you don't there are free strategies as well. But it will take some time and effort.

First, you need to understand what problems the product will solve for your potential customers.

Free proven ways to promote:

  • Blogging
  • Start an Instagram page
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Join in the Facebook group
  • Get traffic from Pinterest

There are many free platforms you can create an account and post consistently. Remember it's all about them (customers), not you. Have an end goal for each post. Create helpful content.

If you post consistently for a year you don't need to worry about money again. Russell Brunson

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6. Collect leads

You know The big mistake I did when I started is I didn't collect any leads.  Before a decade ago when Facebook started you get a lot of reach organically. Now if I post I didn't get at least 30 percent reach.

Algorithms can change every single day. Advertising online wilL get harder and harder. That's why collecting leads are important. It's your asset. You can control that traffic.

Okay, the question is how to collect? You can give something for free like an ebook, checklist, in exchange for their email.

After collecting don't spam them with your affiliate links. Provide valuable information, build a relationship, and trust. After recommend the useful products or services.

As Gary Vee said, "Give, give, give then ask". This applies to any situation. Give them useful content then promote products that will help them to achieve their goals.

7. Automate

When you see consistent results in your business. You need to scale it up. Use automation tools, hiring content creators, etc.

For example, it's hard for me to spend 1 hour and post daily on Instagram. I use a too called Later. It helps me to post content automatically at a scheduled time.

It not that easy to handle everything in your online business. The secret of a successful business secret is they quit the task they don't like and hire people to do it.

List out tasks you love to do and you hate to do but they are necessary for your business. You can hire Virtual Assistants on Fiverr, Upwork, cheaply.

Believe me, this process saves you a lot of time and effort.


Finally, it's easy to make $10,000 a month. I know some of my friends are making $50k a month from Affiliate Marketing.

But it’s not a get rich quick business. It has a learning curve, it takes time and testing to get successful. In this journey, you'll learn priceless skills.

Always love the process, make mistakes, don't repeat them again. Investing 6 months to 1 year is not a big deal if you want financial freedom.

You're thinking but I have no time! You can invest just 4 hours a week to build a side hustle. I recommend you to read the awesome book 4 hour workweek by Tim Ferriss.

learn how to create 6-figure Affiliate Marketing BusinesS!

That's it for this article, join the largest community of Affiliate Marketing and get free training! from the experts.

Happy Hustling!