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The Ultimate Guide To Choose A Niche That Dominate SEO [2021]

Congrats, you’re serious about stepping into a billion-dollar market called Affiliate Marketing. Everyone's dream is to make money while you sleep, achieve financial freedom, and live life as you want.

Before you start your Affiliate Marketing business, you need to select your niche.


In this article, you’ll get answers for What is a niche? Why is Niche Selection important? How to pick a profitable niche?

I am so excited! Are you?

Alright, let's dive in.

What is a Niche? Why is it important?

Google Dictionary: Denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

Did you get it?

You need to select a small group of people to promote your products the make money from affiliate commissions.

But why? I want to do affiliate marketing for the people who like to travel.

Nope. That's a big big mistake I made as a beginner. Travel is a huge niche, many competitors are fighting for that niche. It will take years and years to rank on Google.

That's why it's best to select a small niche like Mountaineering. It is the sub-niche for travel.

If you end up selecting a bad niche, you'll waste hours of time and money. So Niche selection is important in your online business.

Hang on to the end of this article, I’ll help you to find the perfect niche.

When you find your niche, you just gotta continue to be confident and thrive in it.     D'Angelo Russell

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Research & Brainstorm Niche Ideas

Think about your Hobbies and Interests. Make a list of niches that you love to write and are passionate about.

If you have no ideas. Need inspiration? Go to websites like Amazon, Flippa, and Upwork. 

Amazon: It is a great place to generate niche ideas. Go to; you’ll find categories and subcategories. Try searching with product names. You’ll get many ideas by just viewing subcategories.

1. amazon catagaries

Flippa: Flippa is the marketplace that sells websites. Many website owners are willing to sell their websites. Check their traffic, the products they are selling. You’ll get some great niche ideas.

 Flippa website

Upwork: Upwork is the freelancing website, people are posting online jobs. Sign up as a client. Search for content writing jobs. It gives you a popular list of content writers. Dig deep into their profile; they’ll mention some websites they’ve worked on in their portfolio. Go through them, and you'll find a decent list of niche ideas.

3. Upworks niche ideas


  • Find at least 10 - 20 niche ideas.

I guess you got some pretty decent list of niche ideas (At Least 10 - 20). Now we’ll validate the competition of each niche in your list.

Competition Analysis

Analyzing the competition is an important step. As I said, If you choose a highly competitive niche, you’ll not gonna rank for it (it will take time). If you choose a low competition niche with low search volume. You can’t earn money for the long term.  

Competition exists everywhere. In Fact, If there is no competition, there is no money in that niche.

Narrow niche:


  • You’ll get faster results
  • Less competition
  • Easy to resell


  • You’ll run out of blog ideas
  • Link building opportunities are limited
  • Monetization options are low.

Wider Niche:


  • Link building is easy
  • Monetization options are high
  • Big sites sold for huge numbers


  • May take too much time
  • Competition is high
  • Can’t depend on a single traffic

So what do you choose?

It's easy. If you can wait for a long time (I mean too long) or you can spend money on paid advertising, then you can choose a large niche. If you are not Mr. Moneybags, depending upon free traffic, choose to narrow your niche. Earn some money, then reinvest that money to grow other big sites.


  • Find big sites and small sites which make money in your niche.
  • You need to use a search engine tool called Ahrefs in this process. It may cost you little bit of money. But worth it.
  • Type the main keyword on google. For example,” Best Backpacks to travel.” You’ll find relevant sites that write about completely on backpacking.
  • Copy the URL of the websites, paste on Ahrefs. It will give you the domain rating (DR). If it is above 60. It is a big site. If it is below 30, it is a small one.
Domain rating Ahrefs
  • Go to competing domains, you‘ll find many websites like the one you find. (if you’re struggling to find similar websites use
  • Create seperate sheet for every niche in your list. Paste all the competing domains in those sheets.
  • Do this for all niches on your list. Eliminate the niches which don't have both big sites and small sites.

You filtered some niches in your list that don’t have either big sites or small sites. Now it's time to find the affiliate products for each niche. 

Finding Affiliate Products

This is the commercial part where you get commissions by promoting other products. There are two types of products you can promote:

  1. Physical products
  2. Info products

You have your competitors listed in every niche. Copy and paste them in Ahrefs, go to Top pages. Research those pages and find what they are promoting. For example, your competitor's top page is “best backpacks for mountaineering.” He is promoting the backpacks, which are physical products.

Similarly, check for info products like training and courses on that niche. For example, “How to train your dog in 30 days?”.

Info products

If you can't find any sites which are selling physical or info products. Check on google by typing niche related products. Amazon is the best place to find physical products.


  • Find physical and info products for every niche
  • Filter niches that you can’t find any products (physical and info).

Ready to validate that your niche is easy to rank on Google? Find out in the next section. Don’t go anywhere!  

SEO Difficulty

You heard about this SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Optimizing your website for search engines (especially Google) to rank on Search engine result pages. 

In this part, you need to find the keywords you can rank easily without much competition. 

Why is this important? Because you’ll get free traffic every time, someone searches the keyword. It is the best way to earn passively without paid advertising.

Keywords are also 2 types:

  1. Commercial keywords
  2. Link building keywords

Commercial Keywords: Commercial keywords are also known as money keywords. These keywords will help to make money.

Ok, how to find them?

  • Go to all-in-one SEO tool Ahrefs. Paste your competitor site into a site explorer who has low DR (below 30). Find top pages on Ahrefs. You’ll then see the keywords they are ranking for the top pages.
  • If the keyword consists of the best X for Y, Top Xs. For example, “best earphones for running.” These are commercial keywords.
  • Select the keywords which have Keyword Difficulty (KD) less than 10 and search volume at least 100. Those keywords are easy to rank and will make money.
tOP pages ahrefs

Link building Keywords: These keywords help to build high-quality backlinks. Which means indirectly helps to improve search engine rankings.

How to find them?

  • Go to Content Explorer in Ahrefs. Paste the competitor site, which has high DR (Above 60). 
  • Sort by Referring Domains(RD). You’ll find the pages which have the highest number of backlinks (ignore the homepage). 
  • Find the keywords those pages are ranking. Go to keywords Explorer and paste those keywords into it. 
  • You’ll see the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) results below. Copy the page URL’s paste into site explorer and find Referring Domains (RD).
  • Find keywords that have at least 100 Referring domains for the page.
backlink checker


  • Find commercial keywords and link building keywords
  • Eliminate niches if it has no commercial and link building keywords.


You need to find your niche is seasonal or evergreen. If you choose a niche which will be trending only in summer, you can’t make money the who;e year. You have to wait until every summer.

To check seasonality, there is a free tool called Google Trends. Type your main keyword into google trends. If the graph shows similar to this(spikes goes up and down consistently), it is a seasonal niche.

6. Seasonal Niche example

If the graph shows like this, it is an evergreen niche.

Evergreen niche example


  • Check seasonality for every niche
  • Eliminate the seasonal niches


Alright, Alright… I said these are simple steps to find your niche. I know some of them are not. But they are effective.

After all, eliminating/filtering niches, you’ll end up with some perfect niche ideas (maybe you’ll end up with a single niche idea).

Finally, you have to choose the winner. How?

Let me help you. 

Select the niche you are interested in. you would love to write about, research about, and obsess about, passionate about.

If you select the niche which will make money, but you’re not interested, you can’t make it in the long run.

So select your niche wisely. 

I bet you get great value from this article. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

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Happy hustling!

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