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How To Build A Successful Blog For Affiliate Marketing [Step By Step Guide In 2020]

Do you want to start a blog to make money from affiliate marketing?

Yes, you’re in the right place.

In this article, you’ll learn how to start a profitable blog and promote affiliate products.

Alright, get started!


Finally, you decided to start your own online business.

I am happy for you.

Before starting, It might take time to earn money. Maybe six months, ten months, or 19 months. Patient and consistency play an essential role in building a successful blog.

Once you are getting decent traffic, it is easy is to scale up your affiliate marketing business.

Are you wondering where to start?

You can start a blog, start a youtube channel, or any social media page.

I recommend you to start a blog and then get traffic from social media channels.

It is the best option.

I started blogging three years ago. Guess what? I made many mistakes in that process. I want to help you to avoid those mistakes and get results quickly.

How to Find a Profitable Niche

I recommend you to pick a niche that you’d love to write.

Explore your Interest, Hobbies, and Life experiences.

You have to select neither too broad nor too narrow.

If you pick a broad topic like Travel, it is super hard to rank your site on Google because there is too much competition.

If you pick narrow like “educational tours for bio students,” you’ll get traffic, but you can’t scale your online business. My point is you’ll run out of ideas.

What do you do?

Pick a topic like “mountaineering.” It is neither too broad nor too narrow.

How do you find these ideas?

Head over to Amazon. Go to categories, for example, Travel. Click on that. You’ll find sub-niches. Use this process on a website called flippa. You will get great niche ideas.

The Ultimate Guide To Choose A Niche That Dominate SEO

Watch this video for blog niche ideas for 2020.

How to choose the right domain?

Of course, you get a free domain for purchasing Webhosting platforms. But I don’t recommend it because it’s challenging to change nameservers in some web hosting platforms.

So purchase your domain from websites like Namecheap,, Godaddy, etc..

Your domain name must be short, simple, and easy to remember.

Factors to consider:

  • Easy to type
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Avoid number and Hyphens
  • Use .com extensions

Follow these 10 tips & recommendations to choose a perfect domain

A domain name is cheap, maybe $10/year.

I use Godaddy for a Domain.

Get Hosting Service:

You might see many reviews and comparisons on purchasing hosting services.

Many Gurus tell that Bluehost is the best hosting service platform. I tried. It’s not that great.

When I first started, I use SiteGround. It is the best web hosting service, especially for beginners. It is a bit expensive when compared to Bluehost. But it’s worth it.

Go to SiteGround, purchase a startup plan. (If you are buying using this link, I’ll get little commission to support my blog).

This video helps you to set up your website with the Siteground account.

Install WordPress software 

Siteground comes with a One-click WordPress install.

At first, the Wordpess dashboard looks a little complicated. It would be best if you had little practice. It is effortless and easy to use.


The next step is installing a theme to look at your site better. There are thousands of free and paid themes.

Some places you might consider:

  • Studio Press
  • Thrive themes
  • WordPress themes
  • Elegant Themes
  • Athemes

Customize your site:

  • Add your Logo
  • Cover template
  • Background banner
  • Menus
  • Widgets etc.


Plugins provide extra features for your WordPress site.

I recommend install 5-10 plugins.

This video explains the best plugins to install your WordPress site.

Write your first blog post. 

Alright, now you have customized your website. It's time to publish your first blog post. 


I bet you do!

Before you promote, you need to have a blog post formula.

What is the blog post formula?

In this video, Brain dean explains his blog post formula. You'll get an idea.

After you wrote your post, click on Publish.

Promoting Your Blog Post

Do you know SEO expert Brain Dean distributes 20% of the time for writing and 80% of promoting? 

When I started blogging, I wrote the blog post and published it. Then I will wait for people to .come to my website on their own.

Terrible mistake!

You need to promote your content.

How do you do that?

  • Post on Social Media
  • Share to your Inner Circle (Family & Friends)
  • Tell your Email Subscribers
  • Comment on other blogs
  • Post on Forums
  • Submit on Search Engines

There are many ways to promote it. Remember, you need to take time to promote your content.

How To Make Money From Your Blog?


I know you're waiting for this part.

There are three stages to make money from your blog. 

Stage 1: Running Ads on your website

Yes, you can make money by running ads on your website. It is the easiest method to make from your blog.

Google Adsense is a popular choice for ads.

Although you can't make much money, you can earn 10-15 dollars per 1000 visitors according to my experience.

Stage 2: Promoting Affiliate Programs

Signup for affiliate programs. Get your affiliate link.

You can create articles focusing on specific topics. Each time reader takes your advice and purchases that product or service, you'll get a commission (Commission may differ for each program).

In this stage, people need to trust you. They need to think you're an expert in that field.

Anyway, this is a place most of the marketers start their online business.

Read More: Affiliate Marketing Guide: Make Money While You Sleep in 2020

Stage 3: Selling your own products/services

In affiliate marketing, you have no control over the product. Program managers can change commission rates anytime.

Creating your own product is the solution for that. In this stage, people earn millions by selling their products or services.

You can create,

  • Courses & Info products
  • Softwares
  • Physical products
  • Services & Subscriptions


Ahhh. I'm yawning...

It is probably an excellent time to launch your online business.

Take your time to select your Niche. 

Spoiler Alert: You won't see any results for a few months (maybe you can). This is not a rich-quick scheme. Don't get discouraged. Keep going. Remember, patience and consistency are the main factors to get success.

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Happy Hustling!